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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 26, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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personal with fellow travellers. 35 million will take a trip for memorial day, that is a slight increase from a year ago. the average person will travel 50 miles or more from home by the time the holiday weekend comes to a close on monday. historic moment for space is involving something we're all used to doing, unpacking. the crew of the international space station is unloading food and other supplies from spacex dragon spacecraft. it linked up with the international space station yesterday marking a milestone. this man, a butler for pope benedict in a jail cell accused of leaking personal letters and documents to a journalist. he worked for the pope for six years. a vatican spokesman says the pope is saddened and shocked by the arrest. it is going to be another crowded weekend on the trails to the peak of mount everest, days
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after four people died. it is raising concerns about traffic jams on this trek. too many climbers trying to make their way could make the journey more treacherous even though today's adventure seekers have sherpas and oxygen tanks. ken cool joins me by phone from mount everest, at base camp on his 10th trip to the summit. wow. amazing. good morning to you, appreciate you joining us by phone. first of all let me ask you, did you know the climbers who died last weekend? >> no, no, i didn't. it is very sad event on the mountain here, obviously most of the base camp was shocked. one of those unfortunate things. lots to celebrate about mount everest and when this happens it saddens the whole community.
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>> how dangerous is climbing mount everest, we talked about the crowds, does that make it more dangerous? >> it all comes down to management, really. this is my tenth trip here, i have ten fingers, toes and my nose, it comes down to good planning, good preparations and working with a good crew for the execution of the plan goes according to plan. there were a few deaths this year but it's a very dangerous sport. the crowds don't help things, the weather made crowds were concentrated short periods of time, normally elongated over longer period. let's not forget, with good management and a good understanding how the mountain works, then there is no reason why you shouldn't be successful
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going up and be safe back down. >> are they properly prepared, that is a little bit of the problem because it sounds like mount everest is becoming a tourist destination. >> well, obviously mount everest represents for many people the pinnacle of mountaineering. in 1920s, the british efforts on the mountain, the highest point in the world, so it does draw people to it. i wouldn't necessarily say the crowds make it any more dangerous. i didn't know the people personally, i can't tell you how prepared they were or weren't. it is one of those unfortunate things. past 7000 meerters, i call it a ticking time bomb, you can only spend a certain amount of time no matter how much oxygen or food you have up there.
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it's a dangerous place to be, people have to be mindful of that. >> we wish you luck, as you make your tenth attempt to the summit, amazing bravery, and i'm sure it will be amazing when you get there. kenton cool, thank you so much. >> thank you very much. it's the holiday weekend time to get the grill fired up but don't get carried away. you don't have to eat everything. so how much is the right amount to have on your plate of all that good stuff? we'll show you. surprises can be a little scary. and a little costly. that's why the best agents present their clients with a lot of options. because when it comes to what's covered and what's not, nobody likes surprises. [ click ] [ chuckles ] we totally thought -- [ all scream ] obscure space junk falling from the sky? we cover that. moving on. aah, aah, aah, aah. [ male announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers ♪ bum, ba-da-bum, bum, bum, bum ♪
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welcome back, everyone. time to get ready for cookouts this weekend. burgers, dogs, grilled veggies,
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it's all good in moderation. joining me is registered dietician molly paulson. let's look at what a typical plate at a cookout might be. a lot of people have no idea what portion control is. >> right. >> so here we put together goodies from a cookout and this is what i think some people think is okay to eat, right? what is wrong with this? >> well, the first thing is there is a lot of saturated fat on the plate. so you want to try to load up your plate with more plant-based fats, stay away from the saturated fats in hot dog and hamburgers. lean eer spaz options. >> no greens. >> you have a lot of carbohydrates. it raises blood sugar, this bun is simple carb, this bun you have potato salad, pie, breaded
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chicken that is deep fried, that deep fried is a trans fat that is the worst to put in your body. >> if we put it on a whole wheat roll. it's too much food. i'll snack all day, this is way too much. >> no. >> you tell us, let's move some of it over to another plate that we have here and tell us what a regular sized serving should look like. >> for one this burger is big, so you want three ounces for your meat, so three ounces is about the size of a deck of cards, thickness and size. so this would have to be smaller but if you took the burger and moved it over to the place and oh hitted maybe the top bun, that is an option to do as well. omit the top bun. >> this portion of potato salad, half a cup is around 340 calories, that is the right portion size but know that is a
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lot of cal or's, this is a better option to go with, because it has more fiber the baked beans, i would take those over there. just slap those over there. >> a little protein, too. >> and carbohydrates. has sugar and sodium in the sauce. >> that barbeque sauce, but you're picking the lesser of two evils. >> leave the hot dog there. what about chicken or cole slaw? >> on this plate because you have the meat, i would do the cole slaw, bus you get more fiber and you don't need the bread. >> it's not green but little bit of cabbage, right? >> has fiber in it as well. >> leave the rolls, right? nobody needs that. >> they don't have nutrition value might as well leave them out. >> this would be a nice something to fill you up. >> right. >> you mentioned average portion size for meat is a deck of
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cards. what other rules of thumbs in. >> half a cup, a light bulb is a good indication what a half a cup looks like. >> a light bulb. that is easy to imagine. your open palm for meat as well, men and women have different protein needs, basically because men have more lean tissue than women do, they are generally larger, your palm is a good indication, too, a man's palm might be bit bigger than a woman's, a woman's meat size would fit in their hand. >> a tennis ball is a good is that for a piece of fruit? >> a baseball or tennis ball are great for cups, they are a cup serving, and forfruit, frup cup is normally a serving. half a cup of some freets those, melons. >> before i let you go the difference in portion sizes for men and women.
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my husband thinks he shouldn't eat the same portions i eat. >> if they are bigger, they need more. >> you can eat more than it says. more than the three ounces or half a cup of beans. >> right, exactly. >> we needed to clear that up. molly, thank you very much. coming up with historic eye election over and ballots counted egyptians are headed to the ballot box again. i'll be joined by ian lee to talk about new challenges and choices faced by people who have already seen a seismic shift in their politics and their country. plus, there is a great white on the line. oh, boy, look at that! if were are not in front of your television run over there, a as a footer and yes he's hungry. we'll show you what happened, next.
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this morning, all signs are pointing to a possible run nov egypt's first free presidential election in the country's history. after two days of the voting a candidate could face-off against a former prime minister. joining me is ian lee, good morning, let's talk about this. interesting dynamics here. could the two candidates be any more polar opposite? in a way it's the new guard versus the status quo, right? that would be of course the muslim brotherhood being the new guard here. >> that's exactly right, randi. what we have is a really polar opposite on one hand the muslim brotherhood islamist.
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on the other hand we have a man mubarak's prime minister in the last days of his regime. this is a man definitely strongly affiliated with the mubarak regime, a secularist, two sides here. now what we're hearing the results officially haven't been announced yet, we do have reports from the semi official news agency that says -- that has been giving out results but the supreme presidential election commission hasn't given out the official results. they're looking over irregularities they committed or allegedly committed during the last round of voting, but if it does go ahead and these are would candidates, will be a tense time. just this last round of voting we had reports of clashes, small clashes between the supporters of both sides. there is definitely no love between the two sides.
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definitely is looking like it's going to be an interesting run-off if these are in fact the two candidates. >> depends who win, obviously would take egypt in two very different directions, right? >> that's exactly right. we have a secularist and the muslim brotherhood. the muslims dominate parliament. if they win the presidency, they will have a strong mandate from the people. if you have the secularist you will have a balance. talking to people in the middle they are not happy with either choice, especially the revolutionaries are not happy, they see him with the end of the revolution, that it didn't have any meaning. he says he would honor the revolution and those goals, but it would take, whoever is
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president, will take egypt in two different directions. >> it will be very interesting. ian lee, thank you very much, appreciate it. the penguin has landed. it has been grabbed, maybe hasn't landed. talking about take a look here, this little guy, his name is penguin 337, sounds like an inmate number. he has had an adventure. he escaped from the tokyo aquarium since march. has been on the run. alone in the city of 13 million people. he escaped the japanese coast guard when they tried to pluck him out of tokyo bay, finally he let his guard down and is back in captivity. hope they take good care of of him. he doesn't look too happy to be in the cage. look at this, a great white shark. this video shot three miles off the coast of bandi beach, in
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australia. it was attacking a blue shark that the fisherman had caught a few moments ago. this is amazing, these guys held on the shark was 15 feet long, still out there somewhere. look at him go. i don't know about you, i would have let go of that pole, let them have the other shark and taken my boat away fast. that is amazing. can't get enough of that video. george clooney and denzel washington are no strangers to any list of sexiest men. which group puts jon huntsman and yoyo ma on the sexi sevent list. and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve,
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george clooney, brian williams and cellist yo yo ma, what do they all have in common? well, they're pretty darn sexy. that's according to aarp's very first 21 sexiest men over 50 list. let's bring in bill santiago. good morning to you. >> good morning, randi. >> i really want to talk to you about this. it's amazing this list. let's take a look at the 21 who were chosen for the sexiest 50. who on there, bill, made you scratch your head? >> well, the whole list was sort of a sham, as far as i was concerned. i mean this is aarp, right? they're supposed to be out there promoting the olderly. there's no old people on that list. 50 is not old. they all barely qualified to be
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on the list. if you're looking to vote old people, actual old people, why not talk to the geezers. how about the sexiest men on life support. i mean that would be something more in keeping with the brand. >> i think you're trying to bring people in, not drive them away from their -- >> aarp used to stand for american association of retired people. but i guess people can't afford to retire anymore, so they have to go through some sort of change in their identity. that means reaching out to younger folks. >> very good point. it's not exactly the people's sexiest list. but it's pretty good, i think. george clooney is on it, come on. >> he's on every list. >> that's true. >> some sort of -- he's some sort of age-proof mutant. you know? it doesn't have to say aarp. >> that's very true. all right, let me switch gears here. hln's dr. drew. he recently did a show, maybe you caught it, on how infidelity hurts the family. and he actually spoke to a prostitute. i want you to listen to what she said to dr. drew about cheating husbands.
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>> they love their wives, and a lot of times they just want variety, something new. they're not really looking for long-term affairs. >> all right. come on. variety. can you imagine, bill, telling your wife that you just wanted some variety? what do you make of that? >> i can't imagine being married. but my girlfriend knows i like variety. i tell her straight out i'm attracted to other women. she said you can look but don't touch. i'd rather touch and not look, that's creating all sorts of problems. but i think prostitution could help a lot of marriages. we just have to be open to it. if a guy goes and pays that much money for something that is over so quickly he's going to be calculating how much money he's saving every time he goes back to make love with his actual wife. he's bound to appreciate her more. more therapeutic. i would say just accept it. >> oh, my. all right, d.c. comics, have you heard about this? >> oh, yeah. >> nave announced next month one of the main characters will come out of the closet, and now marvel comics is upping them,
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apparently. it says one of its x-men heroes, north star, is going to be marrying his longtime boyfriend. what do you make of this in the comic books? >> yeah, well it's this huge thing. it was the other way around. marvel comics had a gay wedding already scheduled and d.c. wanted to steal their thunder so they announced that they are going to out one of their already iconic -- but they're not coming up with someone new. it's someone who's already introduced as this great superhero, and now he's going to come out, and it turns out that he's -- they don't say who it is. but i'll tell you, this -- it's like a war. it's like the comic empires trying to out gay each other and it's putting a lot of pressure obsessmy street. they're going to have ernie and bert walk down the aisle, take their vows, i think obama should preside over the ceremony in the rose garden. it would be a unifying moment. i would love to hear those words myself. >> from ernie and bert. >> wait for it. >> maybe cookie monster, and
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would maybe be the ring bearer, who knows. >> maybe he could catch the bouquet. >> bill santiago, always a pleasure to see you. >> next week. >> next week. we'll see you again. thank you. criminals tracking down your electric -- your electric information. yes. they may have found a soft spot in your security. we'll tell you how to protect yourself, and your identity.
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the threat of a cyber attack, the department of
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homeland security says they've seen 50,000 recent incursions, or attempts. that's just about on government conpewter, so what about your home computer or lap tap. as we put cyber security in focus this morning, our ted rowlands takes a look at how easy it is for someone to hack right into your laptop. >> inside terminal 5 at the los angeles international airport, dozens of people are on their computers. gregory evans is a former hacker whose resume includes two years in federal prison. >> we were doing almost a million dollars, if not more, a week, from some of the biggest corporations in the world. >> reporter: we set up in a corner of the terminal so that evans, who owns a cyber security company, could show us just how vulnerable people are to hackers. >> i will go and set up a fake wi-fi and watch everybody connect to it. once they connect to it and they start surfing the internet, now what i'll do is just grab all their traffic. >> reporter: we launched a fake
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network named l.a.x. free wi-fi. in minutes people started connecting to it. evans showed us how a hacker can record everything off a computer that joined our network. by tracking what i was doing on my lap tap. >> so if they go to their bank, it will kwrab all their banking information. if they go to their facebook, it will grab all that. their twitter accounts, if they're writing love letters i can grab that. >> or even worse, if a hacker has enough time, spy ware can be installed which stays with the victim. >> you get on a plane, you go to one country, i go to another, but everything that you do, as long as you have that computer, is going to be e-mailed back to me. >> reporter: during our experiment we stumbled across what appeared to be a real hacker at work, along with our fake network, there was another one called free public way phi. airport administrators told us tmobile is the only authorized wi-fi provider. >> you think there could be a hacker here right now? >> that's correct. >> reporter: catching and prosecuting a hacker, especially
7:59 am
at an airport, is extremely difficult. d.b. phil bert is a retired fbi agent who specialized in cyber crime. >> it's virtually impossible to catch them. there's always the next piece. you stealed card, steal the information, you've got to use it somewhere, that's where you start getting the real investigations going. >> reporter: experts say there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. if you're not an airport or a public spot, find out who the wi-fi provider is and use that. they also say change your password every now and then and use different pass words for different accounts. another tip, turn your computer off when you're not using it. and if you do go online using a public wi-fi keep in mind that someone may be watching you. >> you don't know if you're getting on a true wi-fi or you're connected to some hacker's network. you don't know if you're connecting to me or if you're really connecting to the airport. >> reporter: ted rowlands, cnn, los angeles. thanks for starting your morning with us. we've got much more ahead on cnn saturday morning, which continri


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